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How To Use

GloveTacts are easy to install and use. All that is needed is to apply them to your gloves wherever you wish to have touch. The following tips should help answer any questions you have about the installation.

Contact us anytime for help or questions about installations and use.

Follow this simple three step process to get your gloves working with touch screens:

Installation Tips:

  • Gloves can be new or used, but they should be clean and dry
  • Use care when handling the GloveTacts to avoid touching the adhesive more than is necessary
  • The adhesive will permanently set after its been pressed on and allowed to cure.

    Installation Procedure:

      1. Determine where to attach the GloveTacts. They must make contact with the device screen
      2. Lift the contact from the paper backing and avoid unnecessary touching of adhesive. It is very tacky!
      3. Attach contact to glove by gently positioning it on the glove. If needed, lift off glove to reposition (depending on glove material this can result in reduced adhesive performance)
      4. Apply firm pressure transfer adhesive.

      Care of Gloves with GloveTacts:

        • Use the gloves as you would normally use them. If the gloves are suitable for washing, wash them per the glove washing instructions.
        • In the event that the sticker 'lifts' off the glove, trim the lifted edge with scissors.

      Use with Screen Protectors:

        • Touch screens work with small electrical signals, and since screen protectors are insulators they interfere with touch. It doesn't matter if one uses bare skin or a touch glove or GloveTacts. Touch sensitivity is reduced and sometimes blocked by screen protectors.

          There are many types and varieties of protectors. If you need reliable glove touch while giving your screen protection, choose a screen protector that is thin and made of polymer (plastic) rather than a glass screen protector.
        • You can read more about screen protectors and gloves here