GloveTacts How To: Icon Twenty Niner Synthetic Gloves

September 08, 2021

Here we have a set of lightweight, well ventilated motorcycle gloves From Icon called the Twenty Niner, made with synthetic materials. The palm material is made by AX Suede which is a very reputable supplier of synthetic materials to the glove industry.

Icon Twenty Niner 1

The AX Suede used in the Twenty Niner gloves is not conductive, and as such the gloves do not interact with capacitive touch screens. Fortunately, they are very easily upgradable with GloveTacts conductive stickers. The way the palm designed the finger tips have an overlap over the top, which means the surface for the conductive sticker is about as good as it can be.

Icon Twenty Niner 2

The sticker is best placed about 2/3 of it on the palm, and the other 1/3 wrapping over the palm. This way it is possible to obtain touch from a variety of angles, whether tapping or swiping.

Icon Twenty Niner 3
 Icon Twenty Niner 4

Finally, we can add another sticker onto the thumb for pinching action.

Icon Twenty Niner 5

That's it, we now have touch compatible gloves.